Dental laboratory

The dental laboratory is one of the most important divisions of Medlife.

The dental laboratory is one of the most important divisions of Medlife.

Advantages of our own dental laboratory:

Convenience and comfort - our clients can not only come to the dentist’s appointment, but also order the manufacture of veneers, dentures, crowns or other products for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Saving time - own laboratory allows you to save time of the client, because all his data and finished products do not need to be taken from the clinic to the laboratory and vice versa.

High quality products - realizing the value of an integrated approach, our doctors have the opportunity to consult with technicians who will tell one which dentures or crowns are better to put in each case, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client. Also, the technician can easily clarify the necessary data from a doctor.

Our laboratory uses various dental materials and alloys that have the appropriate certificates. This is the key to strength and durability of products.


Medlife laboratory specialists follow new trends using the best modern materials and equipment, which allows carrying out even the most complex work.

Medlife dental laboratory specializes in:

making crowns

metal ceramic crowns;

metal ceramic crowns on special alloy;

metal-free crowns;


ceramic veneers;

composite veneers;

tabs and overlays;

Removable and fixed prosthetics on implants:

the manufacture of dentures;

making nylon prostheses;

making partial dentures;

the manufacture of metal-ceramic prostheses;

repair dentures;

prosthetics on implants.


In the Medlife laboratory, experienced specialists, dental technicians will manufacture or repair any denture in the shortest possible time.

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