About Medlaif

Clinic Phone: 044 494 10 12

Principles of Medlaif clinics:

The Medlaif network of clinics has been successfully operating in Kyiv for over 20 years. Today it includes three modern dental centers.

Medlaif reputation is time tested. Among our patients is the country's political, cultural and business elite. We are absolutely sure that you will also want to become our client and will recommend us to your family and friends.

A unique team of narrowly specialized doctors works in our clinics, which guarantees high quality of treatment. Here you can get a full range of dental services: therapy, orthopedics, prosthetics, orthodontics, bite correction, surgery, implantation, periodontology, cosmetic dentistry.

Medlaif clinics use the latest technology and the most modern diagnostic equipment. These include computer anesthesia, the Vatech EPX-IMPLA 3-D Dental Imaging own CT scanner, dental lasers, and dental microscopes and innovative materials.

Medlaif uses the latest sterilization equipment.

We work from 9:00 to 21:00 without days off.

Patients with acute pain are taken out of turn.

We have our own dental laboratory, equipped with the most modern equipment.

For nonresident patients we book hotel rooms and arrange transfer.

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phone or through our website, choosing a nearby clinic and a convenient time.

Services of our clinic

Children's dentistry
Children and their smiles are the most precious thing any parent has!
Dental implantation
Laser dental implantation is one of the most modern areas of surgical dentistry.
Periodontitis is a common disease, according to statistics, which affects about 80% of the adult population
Surgical dentistry
The solution to a wide range of tasks related to surgical intervention on soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity.
X-ray diagnostics

Dental treatment is best started with a preliminary examination.

An integral part of dental practice is anesthesia.

Our achievements:

years in the dental services market
best specialists of Ukraine
dental services

Dental laboratory

In our laboratory, various dental materials and alloys that have the appropriate certificates are used. This is the key to the strength and durability of products.
Medlaif laboratory specialists are following the new trends, using the best modern materials and equipment, which allows us to perform even the most complex work efficiently.
The dental laboratory is one of the most important divisions of Medlaif.