Laser and dental implantation of teeth

Laser implantation of the teeth is one of the most modern areas of surgical dentistry.

Laser implantation of the teeth is one of the most modern areas of surgical dentistry.

The implantation operation means that the implant is inserted into the area of the missing tooth - a titanium analogue of the tooth root, on which crowns or prostheses are fixed.

With the help of an implantologist, one can restore:

defects of the dentition of any length without turning the adjacent teeth

the correct anatomy of the face, a feeling of comfort when chewing

Advantages of dental implants:

The teeth are held firmly in the jaw;

No need to grind adjacent teeth;

One can eat any food. It does not get stuck to the same extent as under crowns and prostheses;

Implants provide the necessary load on the jaw bone when chewing, and therefore, reliably protect against the problems of the destruction of the jaw bone, the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth, squeezing of the cheeks and changes in facial contours;

Dental implants do not distort the taste of food and do not require correction for a very long period of time;

Cheap dental implants are made from environmentally friendly materials;


The implantation process:

After a clinical and radiological examination by a surgeon, and, in difficult cases, by an orthopedist and a technician, an optimal implant treatment plan is chosen for the client.

Depending on the situation, the implant can be installed as soon as possible after tooth extraction, or 1-3 months after bone formation in the hole of the extracted tooth.

Prosthetics can be carried out both after the implants are installed and after 3 - 5 months.

In some cases, prior to installing implants, bone grafting is required to increase tissue volume. But recently, in connection with the introduction of new technologies, in particular, basal implants, the need for bone plastics arises less and less, even in cases of severe atrophy of the jaw bone. In addition, the use of basal implants allows for immediate prosthetics, even with no teeth.

Our specialists work with materials of world famous brands that have proven themselves to be reliable, durable and survival, in particular, Nobel Replase, Bio Horizont, Ihde Dental, Radix.

The choice of material depends on the quality and cost of the manufacturer’s products as well as the patient’s financial capacity.


Payment is made in two stages:

The first stage is on the day of surgery, the second is during the prosthesis, which is convenient for the patient.

In Medlife clinics, all surgical procedures are performed in a specialized room using the most modern equipment under the conditions of the highest sterility.

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