Endodontics. Toothache, chipped tooth, tooth restoration

Endodontics is a section of dentistry that deals with the therapy of the inner part of the tooth. These are the root canals of the tooth and the adjacent tissues.

Endodontics is a section of dentistry that deals with the therapy of the inner part of the tooth. These are the root canals of the tooth and the adjacent tissues.

Endodontic treatment of a tooth requires the use of a large amount of equipment and treatment technologies (optical magnification, X-rays, tips, apex locators). And the main is a profile work of the doctor - endodont.

There are no simplified treatment regimens in Medlaif clinics.  We feel root canal treatment as a surgical wound, while complying with all the requirements of asepsis and antisepsis. Filling of the root canal is carried out by various methods: we use thermophiles as well as the method of sealing heated gutta-percha using special devices. It also uses the depophoresis method, which reliably cures impassable canals and to save practically hopeless teeth to be removed. Using this method, it is possible to make 100% sterilization of the canals and the roots of the teeth for a lifetime, which will allow for long-term prosthetics, because the root in the tooth is the foundation.


When endodontics is necessary?

Endodontic treatment is required for inflammation or infection of the pulp and soft tissues inside the root canal. Inflammation or infection can have various causes: for example, caries, fissures, dental chips, tooth decay, repeated dental procedures with this tooth, etc. If pulp inflammation is not treated, then the further development of the infection inevitably leads to an abscess.

Signs that you need endodontic treatment:

  • painful toothache;
  • high tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods;
  • hard to chew;
  • swelling of the gum near the diseased tooth;
  • lymph nodes inflamed near the area of the diseased tooth;
  • change in tooth color.

What happens during endodontic treatment?

The inflammation of the pulp and infected soft tissues of the tooth is removed.  Then it goes thorough cleaning of the internal canals of the tooth and the root canal, and hermetic sealing of the void.

If the tooth requires the installation of a crown, then root canal treatment is the first therapeutic procedure that will take place before making a new tooth.

Will it hurt during the procedure?

Many endodontic procedures are carried out just in order to relieve and altogether relieve a painful toothache. Our doctors have at their disposal modern means of local anesthesia, which make it possible not to feel any discomfort during treatment.

Endodontic treatments

Channel filling usually takes place in several stages, for which it is necessary to visit the dentist once or twice.

An x-ray of the teeth is examined. Then an anesthetic solution is injected into the area of the patient's tooth. After the tooth becomes numb, a protective sheet is placed around it, the so-called “dental dam”, in order to isolate the tooth from adjacent teeth and saliva during the procedure.

A hole is made in the crown of the tooth. For this purpose, very small dental instruments are used, specifically designed for cleaning the pulp from the tooth cavity and root canals.  Then a cavity is formed, where the filling will be installed later.

After the tooth is cleaned, the root canal area is filled with a biologically inert material, usually gutta-percha. Gutta-percha is placed on dental cement glue that provides complete sealing of the root canals of a tooth. During the first visit to the dentist, in most cases, a temporary seal is installed that covers the opening of the tooth.

The second visit to the dentist implies a complete restoration of the tooth - that is, the filling of the dental crown and the return to it of the main functions. The filling is established and the tooth is completely healthy.



If the tooth has already undergone dental treatment and has too fragile walls, the dentist strengthens it with a special pin, which inserts inside the dental crown.

Do I need special tooth care after endodontic treatment?

After dental canal treatment, oral care is the most common: brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, using dental floss, regular professional teeth cleaning.

Endodontic treatment is given special attention in Medlaif clinics as increasing the effectiveness of endodontic treatment is the key to success and guarantees:

- reliable prevention of acute and chronic infection of the maxillofacial area;

- full and complete cure of sick teeth.

Clients of Medlaif clinics receive high-quality treatment using the latest materials and equipment.

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